Welcome to the SwimMetro Swim School!

SwimMetro is proud to offer our own unique learn-to-swim program for all ages and abilities. Our goal is to reward accomplishment and boost confidence by encouraging further achievement in learning to swim. Our well-trained instructors promote a safe, fun atmosphere. Swim instructors are certified lifeguards who have gone through further training in the pool and classroom to increase their swimming knowledge and teaching abilities.

Our program consists of three levels that build upon skills learned in the previous levels. The skills practiced in each of the three levels are listed below. Our teaching methods and sequence of skills are truly unique and will enhance easy movement through the water in a fun and safe environment.

  • Water safety rules/skills
  • Water confidence
  • Wet face & blow bubbles
  • Retrieve object from pool bottom
  • Introduce bobbing
  • Front & back float
  • Flutter kicking front & back
  • Jump in with/without assist

  • Front & back glide
  • Push off side in streamline position
  • Introduce rotational breathing
  • Introduce survival floating
  • Demonstrate alternate arm stroke
  • Swim freestyle
  • Swim backstroke
  • Tread water

  • Demonstrate body dolphin
  • Proper breaststroke kick
  • Swim breaststroke
  • Swim butterfly
  • Discuss diving safety
  • Perform a head-first entry
  • Demonstrate open turns
  • Demonstrate flip turns

If your child has mastered all of the techniques of a particular level, he/she is ready to be enrolled in the next higher class! If there are skill sets that need improvement, or if you are unsure of the appropriate level, please register for the lower level or see an instructor to evaluate their swimming ability prior to enrollment. If you sign up for a level and the instructor finds the student should be moved to a different level (higher or lower), he/she will contact you to make arrangements.

Each student is given a colorful certificate to track his/her progress through each level of the program. After successfully accomplishing the graduation requirements for a level, swimmers choose a sticker to place on their certificate. This immediate positive feedback motivates children to achieve higher swimming success.

Need to Get Certified or Update your Skills?  Check out our Training Courses!